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Mitch Shivers - Weapons of Mass Illumination

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This artwork was created for 'Choking Hazard: An Exhibition about Toys', held at Kult gallery from 17 February to 18 March 2017.

For anything significant that’s happened, someone’s built a toy based on it. The history of toys is a history of us. Kult's 'Choking Hazard: An Exhibition about Toys' attempts to combine these histories to present a space where toy markets of the masses co-exist with the experiences of the underground art world. In doing so, the show recognises that the world of toys is a hotbed of controversies, from mass production and consumption to even gender.


Artist: Mitch Shivers (US)

Measurement: 67cm x 33cm x 24cm
Edition: 1
Material: Discarded scrap parts, aircraft toggle switch, crystal acrylic stones on plastic toy gun
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