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Quatro los Banos - Untitled 01

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This artwork is from the exhibition 'From The Streets of the Philippines: PUSAKAL', held at Kult Gallery from 30th July to 16th September 2017.  

For PUSAKAL, over 50 artworks from the Philippines reside in Kult Gallery, presenting the evolution of expression happening in the country right now. From Manila to lesser-known cities in the islands of Visayas and Mindanao, these works are bold in their satirical references to society and advertising, and draw attention to the distinctive characteristics of each city.

Kult Gallery's From The Streets is a series of country-specific exhibitions. PUSAKAL is the first volume of the series, focusing on artists in the Philippines. The metaphor of the ‘pusakal’ (stray cat in Tagalog) captures the spirit of the lowbrow art scene in the Philippines. Like the wandering feline, the ongoing conversation about street art is the environment it should exist in - being either the public or domestic sphere, and whether or not the masses should be responsible for its nurture.

Currently on exhibit in London, UK. 

For more information, email design@kult.com.sg.



Measurement: 91.5cm x 61cm

Silkscreen on cloth

Please note that artwork is only available for collection/delivery after the exhibition ends (26 August 2017)

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