Trainwreck by Richard Amezquita (SG/USA)

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If you’ve ever been to a rave or house party and experienced the misfortune of having your whole vibe fucked up by a clash of songs (or if you just ain’t got no damn rhythm), you’ve been haunted by the dreadful TRAINWRECK!

As the myth has been told, Trainwreck was once an aspiring DJ who dreamt of turning up crowds, making people dance and romanticized the power of music. Having never taken the time to perfect the craft, this took a turn for the worst spinning their first party. The crowd booed and the dance floor emptied as the hopeful DJ struggled to find the rhythm the entire night. An important lesson was to be learned: even a flash-drive with all the hits can't move a crowd if you can't blend the songs right.

Known abilities have donned Trainwreck with a myriad of nicknames such as the Beat Breaker, Ravager of Rhythms, Tangler of Tempos, and the Alterer of Audio. Like a nightmare, Trainwreck lurks and feeds off the fears of DJs, dancers and casual head-boppers alike. 

Ashamed and shunned from ever DJing, Trainwreck became disheveled and deranged, walking aimlessly across the boroughs of New York in search of a groove before stumbling into the toxic 'black mayo' of the Gowanus Canal.

For years, Trainwreck has risen only to torment would-be DJs and party goers as we are reminded.. “You betta catch that blend, don’t let the blend catch you!”

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