Nyi Pekik Set by Gusde Sidhi (ID)

Nyi Pekik Set by Gusde Sidhi (ID)

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At the end of time​,​ as the world is immersed in cruelty, humans entered​ its darkest side. Killing, ​R​aping, ​Poisoning, ​Burning ​of ​other people's property, practising ​B​lack ​Magic, and ​Slandering, are the daily lives of the human beings today.

The Human Soul, which is increasingly immersed in evil, encouraged the cruel nature of humans in the Realm of Thoughts to evolve into the Physical Realm in an astral form called 'Kala'. Violence, tantrums, and even killing evolved into 'Kala Sastraghna', obscenity and rape became 'Kala Dratikrama', the desire to poison turned into 'Kala Wisada' , the act of burning someone else's property into 'Kala Agnida', perseverance in black magic manifested into 'Kala Atharwa', and the desire to slander evolved into 'Kala Pisuna'.

These six astral beings are known as 'Maha Atatayi'. They have ambitions to resurrect 'Sang Maha Kala'​, ​the ​K​ing of the ​'​Kala​'​ race, ​in a grand plan ​to start a new era ruled by the Kala race. Resurrection is carried out by sacrificing all of humanity in the 'Maha Upeti', where humans are incited to kill each other​,​ until all of humanity is destroyed.

In order to do that, the six 'Maha Atatayi' had to possess six human beings who frequently committed one of the six atrocities, and made them human beings with superpowers. 'Kala Pisuna' possessed a widow named 'Asih', a widow without a husband, with a child who likes to spread slander to those around her. ​'Kala Pisuna' transform​ed the widow 'Asih'​ into a terrifying creature known as 'Nyi Pekik'.

‘Nyi Pekik’ is able to erase the sense of "trust" in everyone who hears his screams. The victim will not be able to trust anyone, anything, and even ​themselves​. ​This locks them in endless paranoia that drives them to hurt and kill others or themselves.

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