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Nigel Howlett - Madonna

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This artwork was created for Kult Magazine's Issue #21 Dreams.

I've dreamt of a scenario where the Virgin Mary is an allegory for capitalism and our global economic climate. Her monstrous baby symbolises a humanity seduced by technology while it embraces its consumerist desires. In the backdrop, a blind cowboy and a satellite float overhead, insinuating we are being controlled by higher powers.

Issue #21 Dreams, is a journey into and through surreal and real dream worlds interpreted by illustrators, designers, photographers, sound and motion artists from around the world. The experience of this issue begins with an A-Z Dream Dictionary, which analyses 26 recurring symbols in dreams.


Artist: Nigel Howlett (UK)

Measurement: 42cm x 42cm
Material: Printed on Heavy Stock Smooth Fine Art Paper, Matt Finish, Open Edition Fine Art Print

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