Love Lox by Matt Danger (USA)

Love Lox by Matt Danger (USA)

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Carpentry & Resin Sculpture
(~ 1" thick wood with resin finishing) est. 7.5kg

Ability to make people fall out of love by locking love out of hearts, and causes intense hatred between loved ones. Can induce fits of rage, hopelessness and despair onto others. 

Once a world renowned marriage counselor, Dr. Amber Love was a firm believer of romance, until a traumatic heartbreak shattered her trust in love. Now in a fragile emotional state, her bitterness ruminate into hate and intense jealousy for all those able to find intimacy. Crippled by the pain, she found peace in her darkest thoughts and a cocktail of antidepressants, which led to the rise of her new identity, Love Lox. 

Embroiled in an everlasting battle with her arch nemesis Cupid, Love Lox seeks to one day stop humanity in its tracks, and rid the world of lovemaking and reproduction.

“If I don’t have love, NOBODY CAN!”

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