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Issue #02 - Artificial

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In this modern age we are exposed to thousands of artificial substances, flavours, objects and products which are both positive and negative. Some can benefit our lives, some can destroy them. Artificial can be an emotion or a characteristic.

The world is striving to improve upon or imitate the natural form in the name of science, vanity, greed or otherwise. Some people may think of artificial in the physical sense - artificial plants, limbs, hair or breasts. Others may immediately refer to artificial intelligence, as computers become more intuitive and human-like. Some may think of artificial people they have had the misfortune to encountering.

As technology and human ingenuity continue to make the artificial more and more realistic, it raises the question: how can we distinguish the artificial from the actual? Who is imitating whom? We asked 40 artists from around the world to visualise what “Artificial” means to them. The following issue is filled with some intriguing artworks and visions.

As you read through the pages, we hope to give you insights into the creative process and perhaps inspire and provoke new thoughts.

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