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Issue #01 - Trust

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A word so loaded with complexities and textures but so simple at the same time. What if we were to entrust 80 artists across the globe to come up with something that was their idea of “Trust”? This gave birth to our project...

“Trust” has never been a more relevant concept than it is today, with the volatile state of political affairs that has come to affect everyone from the ground up. We live in a society that treats an unattended bag as a very dangerous item, as opposed to an object someone might have left behind. We now live in a very alert state, and with that, we lose a semblance of “Trust”. Or do we?

The group of artists involved come from all over the world, and they have all come together with one common goal, to communicate their notion of “Trust”. We hope, through the diversity of their works and approaches, we can learn more about the theme and inspire viewers to make their own decisions about what “Trust” means to them. And at the same time, demonstrate the power of images as a communication device.

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