Heart Snatcher by Caitlin Widjaja (ID/SG)

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AR-filter enabled Tufted Rug

If you ever have the misfortune of hearing a glacial voice calling your name followed by the rush of feelings that remind you of your first love: listen to me carefully, do not turn around. 

And well for the poor souls that do, try as you might to look away it's already too late… Her gaze as icy as the Arctic waters has frozen you and before you get to think up your last goodbyes, she has already reached into your ribs and pulled out your beating heart, draining it to sustain her life force. 

She wasn’t always this cold. No, she was once in love. But betrayal made sure that a hole was all that remained in her chest, a constant reminder of how she is cursed to never love and never be loved again. 

So take my advice and be careful about wearing your heart out on your sleeve because she just might steal it and wear it on hers.

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