Captain Spacebeard by Shy.OcHa (ID/SG)

Captain Spacebeard by Shy.OcHa (ID/SG)

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Radioactive fuel secretion

being stranded in a mysterious astronomical object after being a lone survivor of a spaceship crash

Captain Spacebeard is the lovechild of scarcity, tenacity, and adaptivity. Rapid progress resulting in social inequality gave birth of a space pirate who robs the rich, roaming the skies on a vessel made of bits and pieces of scraps, going pewpew-pewpew. 

Stranded one day on a junk-planet, with nothing but 2 forks and a rotten egg, it was his will to survive, greed, and hate that stoked the flames of vengeance within him, as he slowly assembled scrap pieces together from the surrounding wreckage: engines, turbines, cardboard boxes, half eaten tomatoes ('coz why not) - you name it, in order to build himself a spaceship… of sorts. 92 prototypes later, Spacebeard has finally assembled his ticket to freedom, promising himself to rob from the scummy scums that caused him to be in this situation in the first place - to deprive them of everything.

Thus, Captain Spacebeard was born; navigating his way back to Earth to recruit some discontent Earthlings to crew his patchwork boogey, and bring forth his reign of terror to the skies and beyond, rusty fork in each scraggy hand while muttering "eggGgGgggG".

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