Boba Blacksweet - [dewy-eyed]

Boba Blacksweet - [dewy-eyed]

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Someday, 2020 will be a distant memory. During the circuit breaker period, Kult blasted an open call for digital artists regardless of experience, to spew all their feelings onto the virtual canvas under 3 categories - Escapism, F*ckvid-19 and Intimacy. All pain is valid, and we're sure someone out there feels you too. 



I guess, photographs are some sort of a USB stick that my brain stores selected memories. It's funny how sometimes I look at photographs and realize that oh, I actually been to this certain place - how did I miss it when my friends ask us how was my trip? I take a lot of photographs and sometimes I don't even remember taking it till I look into my photo album. Sometimes I try to look at a photograph and then try to think back what actually happened when I was taking the photo. What was the scenario like? Was it just food that looked nice? What did my friends talk about while we ate the food? Was I even listening? Was I even with friends? Did I eat this alone?

Other photographs make me cry whenever I see them. It's like a huge tide of emotions just hit me and I can't stop. I miss it when more people I know are alive. I miss being a kid. I miss having the look of a tender, dewy-eyed small face.

... I'm glad I have these photographs.


Artist: Boba Blacksweet, @bobablacksweet (SG)

Category: Escapism

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