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Eclaire Chia - Lo Hei

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From 10 - 12 January, Kult curated a group exhibition featuring 20 artists for Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre's REMIX Festival as part of Singapore Art Week. MYTHOLOGY: THE REMIX challenged artists to reinterpret traditional Chinese Mythology characters and stories with a modern twist.


He is someone who I may have walked past yesterday, unbeknownst to me.
He is also a living being who may have hobbies and enjoy them.
He could the uncle serving you coffee at the coffee shop this morning.
He could be any of those for you all know.
But you must understand, he is still a symbol worshipped by many people from all over the world since ancient times.
He is a mythological figure who supposedly brings wealth to those who seek it.
He is a being of higher existence who grants wealth to those who deserve it.
Who is he, really?
He is the God of Wealth, Cai Shen Ye.


Artist: Eclaire Chia, @eclairechia (SG)

Smooth Fine Art Print on Smooth Fine Art Paper, Edition of 20, 2020

A1 size, unframed

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