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Aleeloulalei - Feel the Love (framed)

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Bubblewrap is Aleeloulalei's trademark medium. For WORD., the artist plays on the tactility of the medium, a stylised Braille script and the temptation a viewer might experience in coyly touching the piece in a gallery-setting. She paints a portrait of iconic blind musician Ray Charles on one side, and lyrics from his song 'What'd I Say' on the reverse. The lyrics aptly read, "Hey mama, don't you treat me wrong. Come and love your daddy all night long."

This artwork is part of an exhibition on different writing scripts, codes, styles and languages, titled WORD. To view more artworks from the exhibition, request us for a catalogue. 

Artist: Aleeloulalei (SG)

Acrylic paint on bubble wrap in custom two-sided glass frame

60 x 60cm 

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