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Issue #20 - Toys

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Kult inspires play by celebrating the world of toys and addressing the various controversies they present. From rocking horses made with real horse hair to 3D printed toys, these toys have continuously made their mark in pop culture.

For anything significant that’s happened, someone’s built a toy based on it. The history of toys is almost a history of us.

With this in mind, artists were given facts about playthings which they interpreted and then recreated into artwork. The result is a visually provoking art book that exposes the history of toys, what they are now, and how they might define the future.

Over 80 percent of the 50 contributing artists have never been featured in Kult before and were scouted through social media, local art markets and word-of-mouth. With this issue, we invite you to partake in making the journey of toys.

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