Gentiana by Kanako Hatai (USA/JP)

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In youth, Gentiana lived through the horrors of war, and in a dysfunctional family affected by poverty and loss. Her dreams would often reflect those memories, and because of this, she spent many sleepless nights. One evening while strolling in a forest near her home, Gentiana comes across a stray traveler at a campfire.

This traveler shares with her his countless experiences through countries with evil leadership, famine, and death. Gentiana finds herself feeling comfort in these stories, because for the first time she feels she is not trapped in her own misery. 

The traveler starts to nod off during his storytelling. Gentiana reaches out to help him lie down, when suddenly dozens of dark branches crawl out of his head and surround her. She is filled with dreadful emotions of fear, and soon realizes that these feelings overtaking her are that of the traveler’s. Startled, she quickly leaves the traveler’s side and runs home. 

In her silent, dark home, Gentiana recounts the traveler’s stories, and the feeling of his emotions and memories overtaking her. It was not fear she felt, but immense solace that she was not alone in this world. The next day, Gentiana leaves her home in search for more memories of terror, and starts her path towards the villain she is today.


Gentiana will lure enemies with kind words and strong empathy, and comfort them until they fall asleep. Once asleep, she will trap them in an endless dream where they relive their worst memory. She extracts the fear and sadness from the mind of the dreaming one and feeds on it.

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