Tarini Sethi - Dubious Virtues

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Tarini Sethi is a maestro in her medium of metal sculpting. She creates sculptures and functional pieces of furniture, exploring forms of the naked human body - which is often seen as controversial in her immediate environment of art-making amongst Indian audiences. This piece takes on Hinglish, a peculiar variety of English used by Hindi speakers, characterized by a frequent use of Hindi vocabulary or constructions. Using this blend of languages, the artist asks openly whether values ('sanskars') can still be considered morally correct if they are not condoned by higher authorities ('sarkars'). 

This artwork is part of an exhibition on different writing scripts, codes, styles and languages, titled WORD. To view more artworks from the exhibition or more artworks from the artist, request us for a catalogue. 

Artist: Tarini Sethi (IN)

3mm and 4mm CRC metal pipe, self standing sculpture

105 x 94cm

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