Legend of Vyas

Legend of Vyas

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The Legend of Vyas (LoV) is a first of its kind in the collectible card game genre that is based entirely on the great Indian epic, the Mahabharata. Through its amazing artwork and unique gameplay, LoV not only promises hours of intriguing play but also aims to pique players’ interest in this ancient yet popular work of literature. 

In this release, players take on the role of legendary warrior heroes, Arjuna and Karna, each having 40 Health Points at the start of the game. Players will each have a deck containing cards that fall under the 7 categories — advisor, warrior, weapon, astra, spell, artefact and formation — all bearing instructions based on the Mahabharata mythology. Depending on these instructions as well as the roll of dice, players have to strategise on what moves to make, that will inflict Damage Points to his opponent’s cards. The player who is first able to reduce his opponent Hero’s Health Points to zero wins the game.
The game is best suited to players aged 11 and above. That being said, we’ve had players as young as nine learning to play the game easily.

Each set contains 2 decks of cards, 2 specially created dice, tokens to keep track of Damage Points and a Rule Book.

Art by Anirudh Sainath & Benjamin Tan.

Game Set Size
315mm (l) x 140mm (w) x 40mm (h)

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